Four Great Places For Dining Out While You Are In Charleston SC

Charleston, SC is one of the most storied cities in the country. The history in the city isn’t just something you can study in museums. You can see it all over the place, the historical architecture, places of interest and Charleston culture on full display. You are going to love your opportunities for eating some great food, too. It is time to take a look at four of Charleston’s finest restaurants.

Grill 225 is one of those establishments, and it is located at 225 East Bay Street, and some of the menu items the place is known for include steak, escargot and a tuna tower. Maybe you’re not a big escargot fan. I’m not either, but the menu is much more extensive than that. The ambiance of the restaurant is superb as well, and Grill 225 is said to be a great place to pick for a romantic dining experience.

Circa 1886 Restaurant is located at 149 Wentworth Street, and it is known for having a great tasting menu. Enjoy lamb, sea bass, apple crisp and so many more delectable menu items. With Circa 1886 Restaurant, you get a beautiful setting, impeccable service and excellent food choices. One reviewer said it’s the best in the US, let alone the best in Charleston SC.

What’s another good restaurant in Charleston? Lewis Barbecue sounds like a plan, as you certainly want to have your Carolina BBQ. Located at 464 North Nassau Street, Lewis Barbecue is your place for all of your smoked meat favorites. Enjoy brisket, spare ribs, cowboy beans, corn pudding and more. You can purchase some barbecue by the pound, too, which makes this place all the better. It’s nice when a barbecue restaurant provides that option.

The Glass Onion is the fourth featured restaurant for this article, and it is located at 1219 Savannah Highway. You are talking about fried chicken, dirty rice, shrimp and grits and a whole lot more. Reviews point to this place serving up delicious down home cooking, and of course that means that the establishment is very informal. The Glass Onion sounds like it has all the best comfort foods and is a relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

Were you aware that Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina? It is also the largest, full of great things to do, a fusion of history and cultural traditions with modernity and a vibrant city life. Enjoy dining out at these four great establishments that are waiting for you in Charleston SC.